Blog Contents

Hello mate and welcome to my blog! As you might have already guessed by now, this is a Korean Pop oriented blog but what kind of content will you see here? Let me explain on the content you will see on this blog right on this page.


As I continue to blog in the future more type of content will be introduced but for now (as of 10th June 2017), here’s what I currently have so far:

Song Reviews


I originally started this blog as a music reviewer so song reviews will continue to be the bread and butter of this blog. I’ve been trying to come up with formulas for song reviews and I’ve finally settled with the following formula for single review post:

Theme of the review: I’ve realised that writing about whether a song is good or not is not good enough for my review. In order to keep my reviews interesting, I’ve always try to settle for a particular theme or topic first. That way, I have more things to write about. Sometimes there will be no particular theme or topic to discuss but I’ll try by best not to this all the time. The theme will always be introduced in the description above the embed Kpop video. Of course, I’ll still write about the actual song itself as it is a music review after all. 

The review of the main song: The “main” song is the first song review you will see. It’s usually the song that are the popular that will be covered but it’s not always restricted to that only. 

Bonus review: This is the review of the other song/s from the same artist/group as the “main” song. This includes album track or the other part of the “double released” comeback (unless I save this for another post). Do note that bonus review is not mandatory so you won’t see this all the time.

Featured review: This will always featured artists/groups that are less popular and it is mandatory to featured any of them in every post. Nugus are always less talked about so in order to give them some extra exposure, this is the best effort that I could do for now. The song doesn’t need to be good or bad (although I usually pick the good ones) but just need to be related to the theme/topic of the review. Sometimes there will be an exception where the featured group isn’t that nugu at all. As this is called the “featured” review, it can actually featured any group but there will always be at least one nugu group. The featured group/s will always be introduced in the description above the embed music video.

Also, as the most ethical reviewer, bias-ness is 120% guaranteed so prepared to be extra salty.

Birthday Posts



As the most ethical Kpop blogger out there, it is my privilege to show my full bias-ness on a certain group which will probably annoy many other people. Seeing the amount of pictures I’ve been saving, I thought maybe I could share some in the form of this type of post. Even though my collection is very huge, I only upload around ten of those because I’m just too lazy to do more. Currently only Lovelyz are featured on this type of post and that’s already enough of a group to cover.



There will be other individual post on this blog. It’s usually the topics that are worth written in their own single post rather than tied up to any “series” like song reviews. Expect this to drop once per month or more if I’m in the mood for it.




So that’s just it for now. More types of post will be featured in the future if my creativity allows it. This blog is extremely small and I won’t expect it to be a hit anytime soon but that is less of a concern. I will continue to do what I enjoy best and…