2018 Kpop Song Reviews Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of this year’s Kpop song reviews.


Hyebin (Momoland)

Note: Starting from this episode, each song review will be divided into two points: “the good” and “the bad”. Then each points will have reasons (or none at all) as to what makes the song appealing or unappealing. These are the two main points of the review but however there’s another two points: “the ugly” and “the pretty”. This former includes the visual element of the song that is unappealing while the latter is the opposite. These points don’t necessarily appear in most song reviews.

1) Momoland – BBoom BBoom

The Good

Acoustic guitar riff – Pretty cool YG-style acoustic riff in the beginning. Very rhythmic.

Saxophone riff  The Sax sounds catchy to listen to rather than obnoxious nor it is cheesy.

Dance floor Invitation   A very strong four-on-the-floor beat like what I would expect in a Crayon Pop’s dance floor.

The Bad

Awful trap section – Definitely unneeded as it just slows down the fun time momentum of the song. 

The Ugly

Hideous dabbings – Whenever Momoland do the ‘dabs’ in their songs, the songs themselves tend to better songs. I probably won’t mind this if it resulted in more bobs but but…dabbings are crap!

The Pretty

Hyebin – Bias. Those Jungyeon-style cut really works for her. It’s a refreshing look from her usual Binnie-style cut (which I still like).

Nayun (the redhaired girl) – Bias.

Yeonwoo (the one at 2.45) – Bias.

Overall, a solid dance-bop from a group that hasn’t really exploded for awhile so hopefully this could be their moment…or maybe not but a solid dance-bop regardless.


2) N.Flying – Hot Potato

The Good

The guitar riff – The electric guitar riff is really cool and it helps makes the verse more rhythmic and jumpy. 

The Bad 

Feels too gimmicky – The rest of the song just doesn’t sound too interesting despite the every attempt at rocking out with the guitars. It feels like N.Flying is now writing their songs just for the sake of being silly and I get that, after all I’m all for fun and games. However, this does come at the expense of a song though like in here where it kinda feels like two different songs mixed together. This is in contrast to their early songs like “Awesome” where the tempo is proper and the sound is consistent throughout. 

There’s so much potential in the verse and it could have been decent throughout the song. However, they’re at least trying to rock out so they’re better than Day6?


3) Mamamoo – Paint Me

The Good


The Bad

Y.A.B – Your average ballad.

For Mamamoo fans, the only pointer above would be insulting because after all, it’s Mamamoo singing it, the group with the vocals. They definitely do showcase it here but in the end, it’s just another Y.A.B. Trust me, you better off with their silly upbeat songs.


4) TRCNG – Wolf Baby

The Good

Strong beat – Very nutty and stompy beat.

The Bad 

Lacking in melody – Feels a bit dull in the melody.

This song reminds me of BTOB’s “Beep” except “Beep” is lighter and catchier. It’s still great to hear another Jackswing Kpop song though!

That is all for Ep 1. I didn’t bother with the unknown groups (at least for now) just so I could save some time. Hope you enjoy your day and…