Meta: A Year In Reflection (2017)

Happy New Year everybody! This is a short post where I’ll reflect on myself on 2017.


Self-reflection is a good start in order to make improvements in something. Personally, it’s much better that I openly self-reflect with others for some reason so here we are.

2017 was honestly one of my roughest years of my life. Education really hit me hard last year along with some other things but that’s not really important. You see, I don’t blog when I’m too emotionally negative because that would makes my writing more negative which miss the positive vibe of the blog as I intended. So as 2017 went on, things just started to become more intense and pressuring which means I’m also getting more pressured upon so there were less posts as the year goes on since I didn’t want to blog under the stressful situation. Now it’s 2018 which might be more intensifying than before so I’m just afraid that I won’t have more time to blog!

Looking back at 2017 where I was still a new blogger and still trying to expand my creativity, I wondered if things were a lot better if they differ back then. Nevertheless, I will continue to blog as always because that’s the only to find out if my blogging improves.

Thank you for being with me throughout 2017 to those small amount of readers who visit my blog (if you actually did). Lack of popularity isn’t an issue with me because being a nobody actually has its own perk(s) and I’m already used to it. Once again, happy new year and I hope things will improve from last year. All the best to all of us!


Goodbye 2017!