Ayayaya Lovelyz Being Cute (as Alwayz) With Nursing Uniforms

Welcome to an extremely short post that features Lovelyz in nursing uniform.


Recently, Lovelyz just had their second concert “Alwayz” and there’s one certain segment that have caught my attention. 

Uniforms are generally hot/cute and it’s already written there in the fundamental rule book of the universe. Given that Lovelyz are already cute as they are (another fundamental rule of the universe), couple that with uniforms and you’re set with the most appealing fantasy you’ll ever had. Technically, it’s supposed to be a doctor uniform but even doctors are less skimpy than what Lovelyz were wearing so it’s a nurse uniform hands down.


But what makes a nurse uniform so appealing? Aside from uniforms being appealing in general, it’s probably because like good ‘ol housewives, nurses tend to have the “caring” stereotypes that is appealing to certain people. This can be better explained in a concept that is known as the “Hemingway Effect” but before that, let me explain the basis for that concept which is the Nightingale Effect.

Nightingale Effect – This term is named after the famous nurse of the same name. It refers to when a nurse (or any caretaker) has a romantic feeling towards the patient even if the said nurse didn’t interact much with the patient outside the caring. This probably happens because the nurse would psychologically mistaken the caring for the patient romantic affection with repeated caring. You can see this situation best in Back To The Future with Lorraine and Marty and Lorraine with George in the original timeline of the movie. It’s sort of like when you just playing around with a girl without the intention to pursue her and then suddenly the feeling just comes out and you’re all over her.  

This bring me over to its opposite where it matters most.

“Hemingway Effect” – The reason why I put this term on a quotation mark is because currently there isn’t any official word (actually it’s “Transference” according to Wikipedia but I didn’t like how it sound) that describe the opposite of Florence Nightingale Effect which is patient falling in love with the nurse (this is what Ernest Hemingway experienced before and the reason why I named this after him). From a patient’s point of view, they may mistaken the nurse’s caring as a romantic affection even if it’s strictly professional from the nurse’s point of view. That said patient may in turn, respond with a romantic affection towards the nurse (which may or may not be accepted). 

This is probably what most people would fantasize about because people like the feeling of being taken care of because it creates a personal connection towards the caretaker and it would mostly likely develop into  a romantic feelings over time. As nursing is the most “caring” of the care taking jobs (in my opinion), it’s logical that people would want to fantasize on nurses the most.


In relation to Korean idols, Kpop fans tend to want a personal connection with their bias. Giving their bias a nurse uniform would triggered their nurse fantasy but it’s on a whole new level since it’s their bias this time instead of some random nurse. This means that the Hemingway Effect still applies with Korean idols.

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In conclusion, nursing uniform is hot/cute in general and it’s also appealing because of some people’s fantasy of wanting to be taken care of by a nurse. Also, while this post is mainly talking about females, I’m pretty sure male nurses are just as appealing to anyone else.

Do you like nursing uniforms? Or you don’t really care as long as your bias looks good?