GFriend – Fingertip Review

This post will be reviewing on two 70s Europop style song featuring recently debuted group P.O.P.

Prior to this comeback, the songwriting team for Gfriend has been doing similar formulaic works with small notable differences. While it may sounds critical at first, I didn’t mind it all because a good one-trick pony is better than crappy five different stallions. Of course the same pony will sound tiring if it sounds the same for a while so you eventually have to risk change at some point and it’s all worth it to me when the songwriting team behind Gfriend did just that with the “Fingertip”. It features heavily disco beat, catchy bassline, a retro sports car and Gfriend shooting your heart (figuratively for fans, literally for haters). 

Featured review

P.O.P – Catchy You

Here’s another europop sounding Kpop song that just recently came out. The first time I heard the chorus of this europop song, I get instantly reminded of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!“. It’s barely a fingertip away from being a truly authentic ABBA experience but in Kpop where it’s barely attempted anyway, it’s a step-up of the game. The only problem I have with this group (and also just about 40% of any other groups) is their name. Searching for this song online is a hassle and there’s just about many other things with the word pop in it. In the business where marketing is just as important, companies should end this unethical business practice of naming their group with the most unfriendly-search engine names. Therefore, naming your group P.O.P does not makes the group more popular (ironically speaking) but my blog might will…or not.