Pentagon – Critical Beauty Review

This review will have “the old 50s style music” as its theme and will be featuring Various, Berry Good and The Barberettes.

One of the few things I noticed in Kpop is that boy groups had never done (or they do and I just couldn’t find one) any 50s or 60s style comebacks so Pentagon is possibly the first Kpop boy group to do this style of comeback. It isn’t what I like because it isn’t the doo-wop style music that I always wanted. Mixing Elvis Presley style rockers with trap beats and dab? I’m all for mixing things in Kpop songs but I have to criticise its beautiness this time. It sounds like a tiny gorilla primal raging and you know it’s trying to sound tough but you just can’t feel a thing on it. However, I should credit the songwriters behind the song because now we now what the old trend and the modern trend would sound like if they were mixed together. Their decision to do something experimental and not sucking up to the trendy is also to be commendable.

Bonus Reviews

Pentagon – Spectacular

I’m all about positives here even if I my reviews may sound negative at times so to compensate for the review above, here’s some of their decent album songs. Surprisingly, this has the feel of the 60s sunshine pop music which is all I need for any Kpop boy group to do at least once in a while. It’s a shame they didn’t do much acapella here but coming from a boy group, it’s a decent start at least. Of course, the chorus isn’t 60s by default but it’s a decent upbeat of a chorus. It’s a better version of Day6 “I’m Serious“.

Pentagon – Beautiful

This is produced by Pentagon’s brother Illhoon from BTOB and which I find okay coming from an idol rather than experience songwriters. Giving it a swaying rhythm is probably the cheapest way to make your ballad not-sucking-too-much” but it’s at least better than your standard Korean ballad composition. It’s not as great as Beast “12:30” but since it’s an album track, it’s a solid pass from me. Just don’t try to mix it with trap music thanks (actually do try just for the curiosity).

Featured Reviews

Berry Good – BibidiBabidiBoo

Just so you know, here’s one of my favourite Kpop group with decent music consistency along with some of the prettiest Korean girls I’ve seen. The Mamammoo styled verse is pretty much…not very Berry Good. It just seems unlistenable at all unless I’m watching the music video. That is until the disco chorus hits and the song seems feel Berry alright. The Rock’n Roll styled-guitar riff is also Berry damn catchy. Of course Taeha needed to do the dab in the second verse but I’ll let her at it this time. Berry okay to say the least.

Various – Barbie Girl

Now here’s a very authentic 50s style comeback with authentic music and styling (oh how I wish Lovelyz was to have this styling). Kids who suckered up to the old school music because they think “today’s music suck” don’t realise this but back in the old days, people at the time might have just the same exact reaction as they do with the music at that time. There’s probably an edgy 80 year old guy somewhere in the world who hates Elvis Presley or The Beatles the same way some kids hate Justin Bieber or Iggy Azalea today. You can safely assume this will probably up at someone’s worst song list of the year. 

Maybe I’m being too unfair given that nobody listens to Various so let me tell you this, their first song “U” is alright to me and I followed them up on their SNS accounts so that would makes me kinda their fan by default.

The Barberettes – Summer Love

When it comes to the Doo-Wop dedicated group, you can look no further than The Barberettes. Their extreme dedication in spreading their love for the old school music is to be commendable and I admire this. As evidence, they’re pretty much the master of acapella singing in Kpop which is a very doo-wop thing to do and one of my favourite thing in music. It’s like Mamammoo with their vocal-eccentric excitement except with better musical taste in mind. However, only few of their songs (not including covers) are actually worth listening because for most of the time, they’re only showing their err…hippie gimmicks, resulting in some major blandness. Even Pentagon is showing more substance despite the inclusion of trendy trap beats. I support The Barberettes and their dedication to the doo-wop style comebacks but not if they continue not to put out the real doo-wop comebacks that I expected from them.