Year 7 Class 1 – Oppa Virus (Acoustic Version) Review

The theme of this review wll be on  ‘Football (soccer)’ and will be featuring Yu Soliy and Tomsson.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what does this particular group has anything to do with football at all? Well, it’s not really about the girls, the music video or the song but the name of the group itself. I’m not gonna into full details on this but I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence that Year 7 Class 1 just happened to debut in the same year Brazil got knocked out of the recent world cup and nothing of a mockery was intended. 

I originally didn’t plan to review this particular song as it’s just poor version of an already excellent song but I needed it now because I need a group that is more popular than the featured artists below.

Bonus Review

Year 7 Class 1 – Oppa Virus

Here’s another acoustic version of an already better song. As it stands, acoustic songs rarely works for me anymore because it’s usually just generic stuffs. 

Featured Reviews

Yu Soliy – Hey You, Don’t Do That

About three years ago, I was playing football with some guys and I was the goalkeeper at that time. In one particular moment, I was attempting to move forward to catch the ball that was floating in front of me and this one impatient attacker on the other team didn’t want to waste his chance. So he rushed in faster than when Spain got knocked out of the 2014 World Cup and just as I was about to grab the ball, he blasted the ball and wham! My face just got hit with a point blank football Hadouken style . As lame as it sounds, it’s the only worse football related ‘injury’ I suffered and my face might have been pretty busted like a failed unorthodox-method plastic surgery (okay I was just exaggerating, my face is still fine). Nobody likes being the goalkeeper being boring at the back so to those who volunteer or are forced to become one, you have my full sympathy.

As for the song, while I did say that I didn’t particularly enjoy acoustic songs, this one is probably an exception. The acoustic line is practically just “Dust In The Wind” and hey, you might as well just take in one of the most melodious acoustic lines in acoustic history. To be fair, it’s not entirely an acoustic song as it accompanied with electric guitar and it’s pretty decent too as it sounds a bit shoegaze-y but cleaner. Overall, I’m really surprised with how the melancholy here actually works well so sucks to you late 80s/early 90s Brit indies.

Tomsson – Pogba

Not an acoustic song this time but that’s probably enough for a while but this is well done. Some pacy electronic beat and percussion along with egoistic football attitude and you have an excellent poser rap. As an extra compliment, he even plays better and harder than Pogba except the dabbing but I’m gonna tolerate it this time just for being a good player. Now that the transfer window is opened, someone should hand him £89 million.