BTS – Not Today Review

In this post, I will be covering on the topic of “banging ovaries to the wall” and will also be featuring the new boy group A.C.E.

I’ve finally gotten around to review BTS considering this was released months ago (along with several songs that I haven’t cover yet). As a cis straight male, I’m more into girls Kpop stuff especially in terms of the visual experiences and statistically speaking, there are more female songs I like than boys stuff. Of course, I don’t disregard boys stuff either in fact, while I did say that I like more girls songs, male songs tend to be exceptionally excellent when they’re good (and they do have better choreographs). For me, male songs mostly work when they’re trying to bash ovaries to the walls rather than suckered up to the ‘cuck-ness’ so ballads (with some exceptions) and other soft stuffs are a waste of time for me really (here’s a trivia: the first boy group song that I like is “War Of Hormones“). The songs don’t need to go full sonic speed either as even something like 100% “Better Day” works because it packs some nutter in it too. 

While BTS hasn’t been one of my favourite groups, they still put out some reasonably uptempo songs. “Not Today” is probably their best recent attempt yet just because it packs some nutter in it along with some dark electro beat but as it stands, WOH or gtfo.

Bonus Review

BTS – Spring Day

Oh hey look, BTS can put out an incredible song too despite not being too uptempo. I guess they being the best Kpop act next to PSY is reasonably justified. Please put out more songs like this thank you.

(Actually I don’t like it but these psychotic Armys are about to castrate me so I have no choice but to pander up to these suckers- arghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Featured Review

A.C.E – Cactus

I’ve been wanting to review this when it first came out because my balls literally dropped and I was forced to submit to these guys dominance. When I first heard this song, I was only impressed with the sheer pacing of the song but then I started to like the overall production here. I like that it doesn’t afraid to put the harsh-ness of the production to eleven which goes especially well with my ‘banging ovaries to the wall’ philosophy. It’s easy to see why the music video reached 1 million views in just a month which is impressive for debut standard. So guys, if you ever feel like you being cucked, just listen to this song and beat up the other guy preferably with a cactus if you could.

When the ‘thump thump’ beat dropped after the chorus, the wall will be splattered red from the ovaries.