CJKpop Nugu Hunter Report #1: Berry Good



Berry Good (Sehyung, Gowoon, Taeha, Seoyul & Daye)

Welcome to the first series of Nugu Hunter Report where I, as a Nugu Hunter, (a legit profession) will report on my observations on the Nugus of Kpop. In this first episode, I will give my report on the Nugu Berry Good.

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CJKpop Playlist #1: 2/10/16



GFriend “Rough”

Got nothing to do? Want to explore more on Kpop? Or you just want a throwback? Don’t worry, CJKpop’s here to accompany you into the world of Kpop. Find out here for this week’s CJKpop’s choice of Kpop playlist.

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*Site announcement*


Hi~ (Annyeong)

Hi guys! How are you? 

I’ve decided that my blog will no longer be song reviews exclusive from now on. I’ll still continue to review songs but not in the usual way I did so my previous reviews will be retired and no longer made public. You can still read them though as I set them up privately, meaning you have to go to a specific section on this blog to access them.

Are there any new things that I’ll be doing for this blog you ask? As you can see with my two previous recent posts, you can take the hint from there.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your time and have a good day (or night).

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to leave a comment below. Once again, thanks!


CJKpop Fan Fics: I’m a born hater…(Lovelyz Edition)



Epik high with some other assholes (plus some hotties) in “Born Hater”


It’s well known that I’m the biggest Lovelyz music fan so in commemorating the one-year anniversary of the release of “Ah-Choo”, I’m going to write a fan-fics as a tribute to them- YES! FANFICS! Those crappy Kpop fanfics that you see all the time are not the only ones you’ll see.  I’m here to show you all I can be just as lame as everyone else.

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